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October 2013

TSGI Outclasses Competition in Side-by-Side Comparison (Posted October 28, 2013)

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A major oil and gas producer in Calgary recently provided comments on a side-by-side comparison they made of TSGI’s SR&ED services vs another major accounting firm. Here is what their General Manager of Taxation thinks:

I was very concerned about selecting the right SR&ED consultancy for our corporation. Our financial affairs were complicated and our technical groups were 100% engaged in our R&D projects. To ensure we made the best decision we ran a side-by-side comparison between TSGI and a Big-4 accounting firm. Both firms were given an equivalent amount of work and the same operational parameters. By the end of the test it was clear that TSGI had outperformed in every category. Their project management, stakeholder communication, SR&ED expertise, and understanding of how SR&ED impacted our other tax considerations were all clearly superior. We have now worked with TSGI on more than four tax years and are fully satisfied that we made the right decision.

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