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October 2015

Experienced CA Impressed with TSGI’s Troubleshooting

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A veteran Chartered Accountant had a client that was struggling with an SR&ED audit. They called TSGI to help and this was the result:

I have assisted companies with SR&ED claims for over 10 years through my work as a VP Finance and an external accountant. A recent client had an SR&ED audit and we engaged TSGI to provide guidance on the strengths and weaknesses of their case. As a result of this process, TSGI identified three previously unknown risks with the claim and helped the client prepare a professional response. We were extremely impressed with how TSGI’s SR&ED knowledge and diligence enabled the client to achieve a fair and appropriate outcome in a touchy circumstance. Due to how helpful this experience was, my client will be engaging TSGI to assist with its future SR&ED claims.
External Accountant and Part time VP Finance CPA, CA  (+36 years’ experience)

TSGI Business Operation Change

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On October 1, 2015, TSGI amalgamated the science and financial sides of our business into one company called “TSGI Corporation”. We still have the same great people in place and will still deliver the same great service that our customers and other stakeholders have come to expect.

If you have questions about this change, please contact Graham Smith at 403-451-3376 or



Note: TSGI does not maintain this news article after its initial posting.