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September 2017

TSGI’s approach to SR&ED featured in article by EnergyNow

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TSGI’s President, Michael Bosdet, sat down with EnergyNow to discuss our approach to working with clients in the energy industry. 

EnergyNow writes:

‘…TSGI differentiates itself from other firms who provide SR&ED services because of their experience and willingness to dig into complex issues. “We have examples of successful multi-million dollar claims for our clients where their joint venture partners failed to make a claim because of complex corporate structures or regulatory frameworks,” expresses Bosdet. “We have the expertise to dig in and make the best call for our clients.”’

Read the full article at this link:

TSGI Corporation – The Niche Experts in SR&ED Services


TSGI is proud to sponsor Beakerhead!

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Have you experienced the weird  & wonderful world of Beakerhead? It’s a fun mashup of science, creativity and engineering. This year’s theme is the Journey of Invention – a process dear to both our hearts and our ceaselessly inventive clients. We couldn’t be happier to sponsor Beakerhead this year!

Join us Thursday September 14 at the Science of Cats and Dogs. We turn to science (and music, and comedy) to find out what mysteries lurk under all that fur…

Congratulations to Samantha on her latest publication!

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The European Journal of Organic Chemistry has published an article co-authored by Samantha Anderson, née Keller, one of TSGI’s Technology Advisors. Samantha’s PhD research in the group of Dr. Sutherland at the University of Calgary focused on the synthesis and study of new organic molecules for application in improved solar cell efficiency. Her research objectives were to synthesize specialized molecules (Pyrene Donor-Acceptor-Donor Chromophores), the geometry of which would be especially conducive to light harvesting and electron transfer. This subset of her research resulted in the synthesis of three new pyrene building blocks that possess the desired characteristics for organic electronic applications, such as solar cells. The research group’s work has been featured in numerous other publications. Congratulations, Samantha!

Full paper available here.