Congratulations to Samantha on her latest publication!

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The European Journal of Organic Chemistry has published an article co-authored by Samantha Anderson, née Keller, one of TSGI’s Technology Advisors. Samantha’s PhD research in the group of Dr. Sutherland at the University of Calgary focused on the synthesis and study of new organic molecules for application in improved solar cell efficiency. Her research objectives were to synthesize specialized molecules (Pyrene Donor-Acceptor-Donor Chromophores), the geometry of which would be especially conducive to light harvesting and electron transfer. This subset of her research resulted in the synthesis of three new pyrene building blocks that possess the desired characteristics for organic electronic applications, such as solar cells. The research group’s work has been featured in numerous other publications. Congratulations, Samantha!

Full paper available here.

Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) announces ~$30M project funding

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Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) announced approx. $30M in project funding for 12 projects aimed at reducing methane through technological advancement, as part of the Province’s objective to reduce methane emissions by 45% by 2025.

The projects are part of ERA’s Methane Challenge, focusing on opportunities in Alberta’s oil and gas industry (five projects), methane detection and quantification (five projects), and biological sources of methane (two projects).

The winning projects include a remote generator compressor system (Gentherm Global Power Technologies), an in-pipe turbine generator to off-set the need for pneumatic instrumentation (ZKO Oilfield Industries and Peyto), a cattle feed ingredient to reduce methane emissions at their source (Viresco and DSM) and biomass generation to displace coal (Capital Power Corporation). Eight other projects were announced (details here).

In total, the project funding will result in $83M total investment with industry contributions.

The main sources for methane emissions in Alberta are associated with agriculture, mining, oil and gas and waste management. The climate change impact of methane is approximately 25 times greater than CO2 over a 100-year timeframe.

Industry partners tackling technological advancements can potentially offset some of their costs through the SR&ED program. For SR&ED projects in Alberta, 10% of eligible costs can be recouped as a cash refund (up to $400K), in addition to Federal Investment Tax Credits.

For more information or a complimentary SR&ED eligibility assessment, contact Elliot Cudmore (, 403-451-3384).

Feds expand scope of innovation funding

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Federal funds ($1.26B) intended to stimulate research and development in Canada will be more broadly applicable for companies operating outside the initial six high-tech sectors outlined in prior budget announcements.

The initial industries of focus were: advanced manufacturing, agri-food, clean technology, digital industries, health and bio-sciences and clean resources, as well as infrastructure and transportation.

Widening the scope of the $1.26B fund for innovation support will be beneficial for companies focused in industries excluded from the initial announcement. However, critics may argue that dispersing funds without strategic focus will not achieve the objectives of the Feds’ targeted SuperCluster initiative.

Economic Development Minister Navdeep Bains will provide further details shortly.


Alberta Innovation Trending Upwards

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Several bright spots emerged in the past week suggesting an upward trend for future innovation in Alberta. Indeed, recent major announcements from all three “pillars” of R&D in Canada (Private sector, Government, and Academia) bode well for innovation and technology advancement as mainstays in Alberta’s evolving economy.

1. Last week, Mayor Nenshi announced that a new Calgary Campus will be opened by Rocketspace, a prestigious accelerator from Silicon Valley. Occupying 75,000 sq ft of the former Encana Place, Rocketspace will help a selection of Canada’s top technology ventures scale rapidly. Combined with other local accelerator programs (e.g. Imaginea Energy’s accelerator, GE’s Customer Innovation Center), Rocketspace’s arrival in Calgary suggests there is ample opportunity for innovation and growth in Alberta. Indeed, industry pressures on cost competitiveness, efficiency and environmental performance are driving unprecedented technological innovation and opportunities for new business.

  1. 2. The Federal government opened applications on their business-led “Innovation Superclusters Initiative.” Industry-led consortia are invited to apply to “supercharge their regional innovation ecosystems.” The Federal government will provide dollar-for-dollar matching of private sector investment. Superclusters produce technology innovation stemming from a critical mass of diverse private sector organizations, academic and research institutions, and other innovation partners. The Supercluster Initiative will favour consortia which distribute access to the generated intellectual property (IP). Apply for the Supercluster program by July 21st, 2017.

    3. On May 31st, the Hunter family established the Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking with an extraordinary $40M donation. In the words of Diana Hunter, “As one of Canada’s leading research institutions, the University of Calgary is a driver of the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem in our community. It fuels our next generation of talented social and technological thinkers, who will in turn energize our city, our province and our world for the future.” Initiatives such as the new Hunter Hub strengthen academia and the private sector as drivers of continued Canadian R&D.

Of course, the companies that will benefit most from these initiatives are the same companies that will benefit from SR&ED, Canada’s largest source of financial support for R&D in a commercial setting.  These days, any company pursuing technology development needs to have a solid SR&ED strategy in place to remain competitive, and TSGI has successfully guided hundreds of companies in this regard over our 20+ year history. Contact for a complementary consultation for SR&ED eligibility.

Take-aways from the BVF

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As in years prior, TSGI was inspired and energized by the 2016 Banff Venture Forum. We appreciated the engaging conversations and insights from individuals within the lively high-technology and venture capital communities.

There was no shortage of new innovation breaking into the market, including the continuing surge in data analytics technology. Corporate venture capitalism continues to gain momentum, and was more prevalent at this year’s event. Overall, it was a great event to be a part of!

Gearing up for the Banff Venture Forum

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TSGI is excited to attend the Banff Venture Forum once again this week! We always love seeing the ground-breaking technologies in all three streams (Health Technology, Sustainable Technology, and IT) and anticipate no shortage of interesting conversations on where industry is heading. If you’re also attending the Forum and would like to connect with us, email

Financial Analyst position posted

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TSGI is now accepting applications for the role of Financial Analyst on our growing team.

If you are a CPA who enjoys working with clients, providing value-added service, seeks challenge and appreciates work-life balance, we encourage you to consider applying.

Check out the posting here. Applications for the position will close Thursday, October 20 at midnight.

TSGI welcomes new Technology Advisor, Jennifer van Zelm

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TSGI is delighted to welcome on board Jennifer van Zelm, M.Sc Eng, to our team of SR&ED Technology Advisors. Jennifer brings a wealth of experience in communication technology, with over ten years of leadership as a Strategic Planning Leader and R&D Manager.

Highlights include Jennifer’s collaborative research projects with academia and industry in the areas of wireless technologies, home networking and human-computer interaction; designing, building and launching a research demonstration lab; and transitioning an ICT-focused research entity to a commercialization centre. Jennifer is a top performer in her field and we are excited to have her join our team!


TSGI Technology Advisor recognized for outstanding Doctoral Thesis

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U of C Science Awards and Recognition

U of C Science Awards and Recognition

On June 15th 2016, TSGI team member Samantha Keller (L) was awarded the John Kendall Doctoral Thesis Award at the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Science Excellence Awards reception. Samantha completed her PhD in Chemistry in June 2015, and her thesis was judged to be the top candidate from entrants across the Faculty of Science in the past 12 months.

During her PhD, Samantha studied the behaviour of molecules that make up the materials used in next-generation solar technologies, attempting to understand how molecular level changes can affect light absorption and energy transfer. Congratulations Samantha!

TSGI’s team of highly qualified experts are ready to leverage their expertise to maximize your SR&ED claim. Reach out to us for a free assessment.