SR&ED in a JV world: Special considerations for energy companies (White Paper)

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Is your company pushing the boundaries of the energy industry’s technical knowledge? Are you currently a participant in a Joint Venture (JV) or exploring a potential JV? Our latest White Paper (the fourth in our 5-part series) tackles the complexities of conducting SR&ED in the context of a JV and offers insights you need to know for maximizing your return on investment.

White Paper 4: SRED in a JV World – Special considerations for energy companies (Click to open)


We want every E&P and service company to leave no stone unturned for cost-saving measures in today’s economy.

TSGI has serviced Canada’s energy industry for 20+ years, including work with our partners on major technological breakthroughs that have transformed the industry.

Our White Paper series on SR&ED for the energy industry (to date):

White Paper 1: Debunking the myth: SR&ED Eligibility for E&P Companies (Click to open)

White Paper 2:  Drilling down: SR&ED opportunities for E&P companies beyond capital (Click to Open)

White Paper 3:  Field Trials and SRED – How can O&G technology providers offset risk for E&P partners? (Click to Open)

Check back for the final installment in our series in January 2018:

White Paper 5:  Geophysics, Reservoir Evaluation, and capturing your SR&ED entitlement (Upcoming)