Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) announces ~$30M project funding

By July 12, 2017 No Comments

Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) announced approx. $30M in project funding for 12 projects aimed at reducing methane through technological advancement, as part of the Province’s objective to reduce methane emissions by 45% by 2025.

The projects are part of ERA’s Methane Challenge, focusing on opportunities in Alberta’s oil and gas industry (five projects), methane detection and quantification (five projects), and biological sources of methane (two projects).

The winning projects include a remote generator compressor system (Gentherm Global Power Technologies), an in-pipe turbine generator to off-set the need for pneumatic instrumentation (ZKO Oilfield Industries and Peyto), a cattle feed ingredient to reduce methane emissions at their source (Viresco and DSM) and biomass generation to displace coal (Capital Power Corporation). Eight other projects were announced (details here).

In total, the project funding will result in $83M total investment with industry contributions.

The main sources for methane emissions in Alberta are associated with agriculture, mining, oil and gas and waste management. The climate change impact of methane is approximately 25 times greater than CO2 over a 100-year timeframe.

Industry partners tackling technological advancements can potentially offset some of their costs through the SR&ED program. For SR&ED projects in Alberta, 10% of eligible costs can be recouped as a cash refund (up to $400K), in addition to Federal Investment Tax Credits.

For more information or a complimentary SR&ED eligibility assessment, contact Elliot Cudmore (elliot.cudmore@tsgi.ca, 403-451-3384).