Buy Side Transaction Services

Acquisitions are messy. They don't have to be.

How we are different

Your partner beyond the deal

We don’t walk away after the deal is signed. We operate differently, with a longview focus on assisting our buy-side clients from deal origination through to the post-close period when the messy and complex work of post-acquisition integration begins.

Cross border M&A at scale

We are your “boots on the ground” no matter the country, state or province, with proven experience managing over borders and across Canada and the USA. We deliver results with wide-ranging impacts to thousands (5,000+ impacted staff) with a focus on the middle market and above ($0.5B+).

A better fee model

We believe we can deliver better results to our clients by aligning our fees to how clients define success. We start by billing a low hourly rate instead of a costly monthly retainer. Our success fees are only triggered when we reach client-focused milestones that stretch well past the deal sign.

 Our Buy-side Services

Target sourcing and acquisition playbook

We source target companies specific to your acquisition objectives and develop an acquisition playbook tailored to every client and every deal. Our playbooks are designed to provide an immediate view of acquisition risks to avoid and critical path activities required to improve client confidence in acquiring and integrating target companies.

M&A Headquarters

We deploy an M&A focused headquarters staffed with acquisition/integration experts. Our teams are accountable for driving, measuring and reporting on progress. Our M&A Headquarters model is battle-tested to improve timelines and reduce the burden of acquisition and integration efforts on our clients’ organizations.

Reporting and performance management

We deliver data and reports designed to give stakeholders an accurate heartbeat on progress. We spin up data workflows that deliver effective performance monitoring solutions. Our goal is to give our clients the reporting granularity, data quality and data consistency that their stakeholders require.

Target sourcing and acquisition playbook

We develop a rigorous program designed to identify, screen and evaluate potential acquisition candidates. We can help you clarify and refine your specific acquisition objectives and the criteria to be used to evaluate potential targets, including:

  • Industry vertical and product or service mix
  • EBIDTA, revenue, cash flow and other financial indicators
  • Operations and geographical considerations
  • Management team and culture fit
  • and more
M&A Headquarters

TSGI establishes a headquarters staffed with M&A acquisition experts on client premises with the overriding objective of making your transaction a success. The headquarters is a temporary organization with the authority and responsibility of developing and executing an effective transaction strategy and is most effective starting at the early stages of the pre-announcement phase through to the successful completion of the transaction and into the post-acquisition integration period.

Key activities include:

  • The M&A HQ establishes a governance structure to align deal professionals (ie accounting and legal teams performing due diligence activities)
  • Whether the acquisition/integration is a bolt-on, a partial or a full integration effort, the M&A HQ develops a Day 1 and Day 100 Playbook designed to achieve quick wins, generate buy-in and reduce the burden of the integration effort on both the buyer and target organizations
  • The M&A HQ drives the pace and development of overall acquisition and integration plans, including all related projects, resource plans, corporate structure/restructuring plans, communications plans, IT, HR, operations and stakeholder plans
  • The headquarters isolates and captures all acquisition related expenses under one cost umbrella for easy tracking and reporting

Reporting and performance management

Skip the spreadsheets. Without the right tools and team in place, scaling to the reporting granularity and quality that your stakeholders require can become a very expensive and slow or painful process.

  • We define and deliver reporting and performance data to our clients that is easily ingestible, useful and transformable to their needs
  • We understand that timely and accurate data gives our clients an undeniable advantage to harness their data, quickly align with the industry’s changing landscape and thrive.
  • Good data drives good decisions, driving sales, marketing and communication efforts — ultimately positively impacting long-term growth and profitability.
  • Our goal is to spin up reporting and data workflows that are biased towards automation and efficiency — reducing the need to get staff from internal or target companies involved and reducing costs.