The biomedical sector is one of the most scientifically exacting fields of technology commercialization. Although much of the development in this field qualifies for SR&ED tax credits, biomed firms often fail to recover all the tax credits they are entitled to through sub-optimal financial and legal configurations. That’s where TSGI comes in.

Leverage our strategies to streamline the SR&ED process and bring more value to your organization. As dedicated tax professionals, we improve our clients’ financial positions and keep their high-performance research teams focused on their primary objectives: validating and commercializing their technology.

We’ll help your organization:

1. Maximize your entitlements:
TSGI’s holistic approach optimizes your SR&ED benefits over the whole span of your multi-year development

2. Optimize your staff time:
Our technical experts understand your science so you won’t waste time

3. Increase your return on investment:
Having a professionally qualified, third party SR&ED provider boosts your chances of success and is crucial for obtaining SR&ED-backed loans.

Our team has successfully applied our integrated approach to a wide range of projects:

  • Medical devices
  • Multinational clinical trials
  • Pharmaceuticals testing
  • Veterinary sciences
  • Specialized medical software
  • Medical image processing systems

Keep your team focused on taking your technology to the next level.  Contact us today to discuss your business’ needs.

“TSGI opened our eyes to the potential of the SR&ED program to help our business succeed. We had not used the program before and, in a very short time, they brought us up to speed, prepared our first (successful) claim, and assisted us to set up streamlined processes for the future. Their people were fantastic to work with – professional, informed, and helpful in every aspect of their work. We now consider the SR&ED program and TSGI to be part of our competitive edge.”

–  President, Pharmaceutical company