Rather than manage the details of a government application process, keep your scientists and engineers focused on evolving the next generation of your technology.

We ensure your claim is maximized even if your situation is complicated by factors like sweat equity, contractor payments, partnerships or multinational agreements. Our extensive environmental experience involves helping clients developing:

  • Geothermal technologies
  • Land reclamation techniques
  • Tailings reduction methods
  • Biofuel formulations and refining processes
  • Frac fluid recycling processes
  • Systemic ecosystem monitoring
  • Leak detection systems
  • Fuel cells
  • Wind power
  • Specialized recycling processes

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“Every tech start up has to manage their two most critical resources, their time and their cash, with the utmost care.  The SR&ED program is a key component of our funding equation, and there is no question that TSGI is a key component of our SR&ED strategy. Their profound understanding of the program gives us the confidence we need to budget prospectively and ensures that we receive our full share of tax credits. Importantly, they achieve these benefits without wasting our time. Their proven claim strategies and documentation methods help us stay on top of SR&ED requirements, and reduce the time needed to file solid claims.   We highly recommend the TSGI professionals to help emerging companies get the most from their SR&ED entitlements.”

–  President, Bio-refining company