The pressures are high, time is always short, and budgets are tight. Research and development in the ICT field is a fast-paced race-to-market, with software developers constantly being challenged to outperform their competitors.

Reduce the time you waste on SR&ED claims and maximize the tax credits you receive. Our services:

  • Minimize distractions to your technical team
  • Improve claim defensibility through the use of time-efficient, proven, documentation methods
  • Increase claim predictability by leveraging TSGI’s extensive experience
  • Maximize SR&ED entitlements via strategies for capturing value from sweat equity, contractor/employee relationships, and other nuances in your approach

Our integrated SR&ED process has repeatedly proven its value across the full spectrum of the ICT industry, including recent successes in:

  • Specialized hard/soft/firmware developments
  • Signal/image processing
  • Search engine algorithms
  • GIS and GPS applications
  • Innovative web applications
  • Communication systems
  • Video games
  • High-risk integrations of unproven technologies

Allow your team to do what they do best: innovate and develop. Leave the SR&ED to us.

Contact us to find out how we can reduce your workload and improve your SR&ED results.

“We found the TSGI team to be very professional, thorough, tenacious but always considerate. They always put our company and our people first, even though it meant more work for them. They were so knowledgeable about the SR&ED program that they had anticipated when, where, and how issues could arise in our claim and either prepared our team or prepared themselves to properly respond.” 

 – President, Oil and Gas Software Company